Fastrack Dispatching

On-Line Purchasing


Order from vendors without the time consuming phone calls or faxes. Order on-line from Invacare Supply Group, Medline, Gulf South, McKesson, First Choice, Independence Medical and other wholesalers and manufacturers.

Networking Web Portal


Now your business partners can securely access and enter data via the web. Physicians can complete CMNs on-line. Referral sources can enter new patients. Sales Reps and clients can enter orders, virtually eliminating the need to enter data in the office.

Internet StoreFront


The Fastrack StoreFront offers providers a full solution to create a professional Internet presence to start generating additional revenue, accept insurance, credit and debit cards, Paypal and more. Orders and client information flow directly into the Fastrack System.

Available Standalone or
Integrated with Fastrack!



Delivery Automation




Document Management


Facilitates the creation of a separate ERN835 for each patient, placing a copy in the patient record. Batch scan documents including delivery tickets for automatic insertion into the patient record.


Eliminate most of the headaches associated with

deliveries, pick-ups and exchanges.

Confirm orders “real-time!”


 Capture the patient’s signature, products including equipment, supplies and drugs, quantities, COD amount collected and serial/lot numbers being delivered or picked up at the patient’s home or facility. The delivery data captured, will automatically confirm the orders, pick-ups or exchanges, eliminating the manual order confirmation process. Cash received from the patient automatically updates cash receipts. Increases accuracy of data entered into the system and improves customer service by insuring the correct products and quantities were delivered.  Claims can be sent even before the driver returns!  No more delays to billing because the billing department can’t read the driver’s handwriting.  In addition, Fastrack allows the driver to indicate items refused by the patient and the appropriate reason.  The driver can print receipts and other documents right from the delivery vehicle!


Need to verify that the patient received the delivery?  Fastrack automatically places an “electronic copy” of the delivery ticket with the patient’s signature in a pre-defined Document Manager tab in the patient record for ease of access.



Key Features/Benefits


Confirms orders “real-time” allowing for immediate billing as the driver completes the delivery.

Bar code feature verifies the right product is being delivered to the patient.

“Pin” indicates on “on-line” map in the office that the delivery has been completed. (Requires Routing Module)

Print delivery tickets/invoices in the field. New

Send driver new or emergency orders in the field with driving instructions.

Driver can add items to orders.

Track Equipment Maintenance now available with XP/Vista Version.  Record equipment settings, labor and parts used for maintenance and more.