Fastrack Web Portal

On-Line Purchasing


Order from vendors without the time consuming phone calls or faxes. Order on-line from Invacare Supply Group, Medline, Gulf South, McKesson, First Choice, Independence Medical and other wholesalers and manufacturers.

Networking Web Portal


Now your business partners can securely access and enter data via the web. Physicians can complete CMNs on-line. Referral sources can enter new patients. Sales Reps and clients can enter orders, virtually eliminating the need to enter data in the office.

Internet StoreFront


The Fastrack StoreFront offers providers a full solution to create a professional Internet presence to start generating additional revenue, accept insurance, credit and debit cards, Paypal and more. Orders and client information flow directly into the Fastrack System.

Available Standalone or
Integrated with Fastrack!



Networking Business Partner Portal




Document Management


Facilitates the creation of a separate ERN835 for each patient, placing a copy in the patient record. Batch scan documents including delivery tickets for automatic insertion into the patient record.


With the Fastrack Web Portal physicians can complete CMNs, referral sources can enter new patient demographics and sales reps, as well as clients, can enter order requests, eliminating the need to re-key data in the office.  Just a few examples of the many benefits offered by the Fastrack “Web Portal.”


Secure web access is provided for doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, referral sources, sales reps, patients and wholesale accounts.  The Web Portal fully integrates into the Fastrack HME, Infusion and HomeCare Agency software automating the entry and access to data offering an extensive array of benefits to providers.



Physicians complete and digitally sign CMN’s

On-Line with the Fastrack Web Portal.


Key Features/Benefits


Reduce paperwork and data entry.

Important sales tool to aid in generating new business.

Makes it easier for “partners” to do business with the provider and enhances the image of the business.

Helps integrate external sources with the Provider’s business.

Automates the generation of new patients and orders.

Customizable Home Page with business partner (user) log in ID and password fields.

Add text, photographs and logos.

Provides single point of access for external users.

Link to Fastrack Store Front (optional module).

Provides secure access for doctors, sales reps, referral sources, patients, etc. to review and enter information based on permissions and criteria established by the Provider.

Referral Area:

Request delivery schedules

Place order requests

Update demographic information on their patients (Request to be sent back to office personnel)

Fill in a patient referral form on-line (Request to be sent back to office personnel)

Check status of patients/orders connected to the referrals.

Lookup products and pricing

Sales Person Area:

Place Orders

Update demographic information on their patients (Request to be sent back to office personnel)

Create Schedule for re-occurring Orders.

Run usage reports (by diagnosis, product category, HCPC, therapy, etc.)

Ability to print the Open order report (for their own orders)

Check Status/Statistics related to the referrals

Number of New Orders

Number of New Rentals

Total $ delivered for a date range

List of patients connected to the sales person sorted by Alpha, Doctor, or referral


Lookup products and pricing

Doctor Area:

Place Order Requests

Check status on Patients/Orders connected to the doctor

Update demographic information on their patients (Request to be sent back to office personnel)

Check which patients need CMNs or other forms filled

Sign above forms with a Verisign signature.

Fill in a patient referral form on-line (to be sent to back office personnel)

Lookup products and pricing

Customer Area:

Place Orders

Update Demographic information on their account (Request to be sent back to office personal)

Create Delivery schedules of products (Request to be sent back to office personal)

Check order status and delivery history connected to their account.

Nurses Area:

Check schedules

Review patient information

Complete forms on-line