On-Line Purchasing


Order from vendors without the time consuming phone calls or faxes. Order on-line from Invacare Supply Group, Medline, Gulf South, McKesson, First Choice, Independence Medical and other wholesalers and manufacturers.

Networking Web Portal


Now your business partners can securely access and enter data via the web. Physicians can complete CMNs on-line. Referral sources can enter new patients. Sales Reps and clients can enter orders, virtually eliminating the need to enter data in the office.

Internet StoreFront


The Fastrack StoreFront offers providers a full solution to create a professional Internet presence to start generating additional revenue, accept insurance, credit and debit cards, Paypal and more. Orders and client information flow directly into the Fastrack System.

Available Standalone or
Integrated with Fastrack!



Wireless Warehouse Automation




Document Management


Facilitates the creation of a separate ERN835 for each patient, placing a copy in the patient record. Batch scan documents including delivery tickets for automatic insertion into the patient record.


Order Fulfillment

Fastrack provides a tight integration between order entry and the picking of products in the warehouse.  Utilizing wireless communications, “electronic” pick tickets are sent directly to hand held PDAs in the warehouse providing warehouse personnel with the product name, number and bin location.  As a product is picked the item is scanned and the system verifies whether it is the correct item, eliminating shipping the wrong product to the patient.


Warehouse Receipts

With the wireless PDA just scan products received to automatically update inventory, eliminating the manual entry of products.  If the wrong product is received or if the case of an over shipment, a warning appears on the screen of the PDA device.  Captures product quantities serial/lot numbers.  Now customer service knows immediately when products are in stock.  Ability to print bar code labels at Purchase Order creation or upon receiving of goods.  Insures accurate and timely receipt of products.  Fastrack’s substitution feature allows customer service to enter orders with generic part numbers such that warehouse personnel can choose the appropriate product to ship.  This is especially useful on orders for concentrators.


Physical Inventory

The Physical Inventory process just got easier.  Simply scan the product and serial/lot numbers and the Fastrack system compares the physical count with that of the system.




























Key Features/Benefits


Improve Your Inventory Control and Receiving of Goods.  A set of powerful analysis tools takes the guesswork out of maintaining appropriate inventory levels, giving you critical data to help ensure that you have sufficient inventory to satisfy customers’ expectations, while stocking the precise amount of each item to maximize profits and cash flow.

Configure the Inventory Management module to meet your specific business needs.

Identify a wide range of inventoried and non-inventoried items.

Set up multiple price lists, multiple companies, and multiple warehouses and bins.

Implement pricing for specific contracts and volume price breaks.

Specify whether or not to allow negative inventory quantities.

Designate an inventory item as obsolete.

Specify a sales product line.

Designate whether or not an item can be back ordered or drop-shipped.

Assign each item to one or more bin locations per warehouse.

Classify separate units of measure for stocking, selling, buying and pricing each item.

Employ an unlimited unit of measure conversions for items.

Attach documents or images to any inventory item with
Document Manager.

Examine stock status by location.

View available quantity of an item as on-hand, allocated, or on-order.

Assign general ledger reference codes and reason codes at the line level of various transactions.

Automate physical inventory and the receiving process with the Fastrack Bar Code Technology.

Quick access to inventory information including: Quantity on hand, allocated, and back ordered, as well as on order with the vendor by branch/warehouse.

Serial, Asset, and Lot number tracking…maintains history of product movement from vendor to warehouse to each patient, including deliveries, pick-ups, and exchanges, and tracks product cost.